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Spiritual Strength

Social Stability

Scholastic Success


“Rochester Dream” by Chris “Daze” Ellis  for WALL\THERAPY 2015.  Photo ©2015 WALL\THERAPY


We are raising up Champions In Society.

Bethel Express is dedicated to pouring into the lives of children between 7 and 12 years old with the Good news of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to continually equip our kids with the necessary skills to live a spiritually complete and socially sound life while shedding the victim mentalities that can pervade the inner city. Our belief is that every child has the potential to become a productive citizen - even a CHAMPION in society.


Training starts at home

Bethel Express offers more than just an on track program. Many children consider BE their home away from home. Reclaiming urban society and uniting families can’t always be reached through the front door. It’s the foundational Godly principles instilled in the students that eventually infiltrate both home and community.

“If you ask any of the kids, they would tell you their last name is B.E. because we are a family,” Michael Peace, Executive Director.


Even Champions need a hero

Thanks to our amazing volunteers, every Saturday we offer a hot and nutritious breakfast, hang-out time, positive relationships and worship experiences with sound Biblical teaching - this is where our mentoring begins and heroes save lives. The love of Jesus is the willingness to serve others like he did. Our volunteers have accepted the challenge to model this kind of loyalty and commitment every single week.



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New logo.

Time honored principles.

We are so proud of our students - past and present. It’s been our pleasure to see champions raised up in our society. May the house of God move freely in and out of every one of these precious kids. Now and forever our last name is… B.E.


Spiritual Strength.

Social Stability.

Scholastic Success.

  • Over 30 years and 1000 young lives eternally impacted.

  • A 100% graduation rate for students staying in the program.

  • Countless success stories that include Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate alumni.

  • A standard of excellence within the academic careers of our kids - they are expected to shine!