More than a neighborhood after school program

In addition to meals and school mentoring, we offer a safe place where no one is buying or selling drugs, threatening violence or exploiting innocence.

We offer unconditional love and, in most cases, the only hug a child receives during the week.

We offer encouragement to those children in the inner city who by society’s standards are “expected” to fail.

We build Godly character and the right kind of social justice through Jesus. We teach that it is important to help society, not usurp or be exploited by it.

We offer the hope of a heavenly father who will never leave us.

To the community around us, we offer and passionately represent heaven, home and the hood - in that order.

“If you ask any of the kids, they would tell you their last name is B.E. because we are a family,”
— Michael Peace, Executive Director

What We've Achieved

  • Over 30 years and hundreds of young lives eternally impacted.

  • A nearly 100% graduation rate for students staying in the program.

  • Countless success stories that include Bachelors, Master’s and Doctorate alumni.

  • A standard of excellence within the academic careers of our kids - they are expected to shine!

  • A benchmark for behavior that says “We are non-conformists!” The wrong actions of others will not determine our own actions. A sound mind produces sound behavior.

  • A personal work ethic that finds a way when there is no way. If we cannot find a job - we’ll make one. No excuses.

  • Hope is the foundation of our drive to excel in life. Hope is achievable every day.

  • A community that recognizes the success and failures of others – and sees them as valuable lessons.