We’re raising up champions of society.


Bethel Express is dedicated to pouring into the lives of children between 6 and 12 years old with the Good news of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to continually equip our kids with the necessary skills to live a spiritually complete and socially sound life while shedding the victim mentalities that can pervade the inner city. Our belief is that every child has the potential to become a productive citizen - even a CHAMPION of society.


Even Champions need Heros

Thanks to our amazing volunteers, every Saturday we offer a hot and nutritious breakfast, hang-out time, positive relationships and worship experiences with sound Biblical teaching.

Showing the love of Jesus begins with the willingness to serve others like he did. Our volunteers model this kind of loyalty, comievery single week.


Who we Are

We call it the S Factor.

Spiritual Strength. We reinforce biblical literacy, worship, praise, prayer and discipleship.

Social Stability. Through outings, field trips and work training (Bethel Express Enterprises) we provide practical examples and pathways to stability in our community.

Scholastic Success. Providing tutoring, incentives, school visits and achievable scholarships, we make what may seem impossible actually possible in the lives of young people. Nearly 100% of kids who have finished our program have graduated high school since 1987.