Sponsor a Breakfast

Weekly Saturday breakfasts use up a substantial part of our budget. You could help offset this cost by designating your giving. Or, your organization can be an official sponsor of our annual B.E. fundraising breakfast.

Bethel Express Enterprises

We value hard work. And kids respond to opportunities to work hard at worthwhile endeavors. We instill the principle that “if there isn’t a job - make one.” This leads to productive work ethic and the greatest chance for employment as children grow into young adults.  Bethel Express Enterprises includes foundational thinking, motivational field trips and actual money making ventures that build more than just esteem, it builds a future and breaks the grip of poverty. More information →


Jazz with a Cause Concert


Our annual Jazz with a Cause brings together some of the area’s most respected jazz artists for a night of celebration and purpose.

Jazz with a Cause Radio


A weekly jazz podcast featuring the best jazz music of the Rochester region. Join Mike Peace and guests…