It’s been a good first 30 years.

Over 1000 young lives have been eternally impacted through B.E.

We have achieved:

  • A 100% graduation rate for students staying in the program.

  • Countless success stories that include Bachelors, Master’s and Doctorate alumni.

  • A standard of excellence within the academic careers of our kids - they are expected to shine!

  • A benchmark for behavior that says “We are non-conformists!” The wrong actions of others will not determine our own actions. A sound mind produces sound behavior.

  • A personal work ethic that finds a way when there is no way. If we cannot find a job - we’ll make one. No excuses.

  • Hope is the foundation of our drive to excel in life. Hope is achievable every day.

  • A community that recognizes the success and failures of others – and sees them as valuable lessons.